Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blair – celeb junkie….

How low can this man sink? Tony Blair, our leader, the Prime Minister, our representative to the whole wide world is going on ‘Parky’ this weekend as a guest.

’Did-oudellydoo-do-doo, did-oudellydoo-do-doo,
Did-oudellydoo-do-doo, did-oudellydoo-do-doo,
Did-oudellydoo-do-doo, did-oudellydoo-do-doo,
Did-oudellydoo-do-doo, did-oudellydoo-do-doo,
do, do, deedo-do-do-dooooooooooooooooo!!!

"Good evening laydees and gentleman, let me introrrduce my first guest. Some saaay he’s an enigma, wrapped in t’holiday brorrchure, others just think he’s an utter berk. In Yorkshire, we just call this poof a posh, power-mad, money-grabbing, caber-tossing syckorrrrrrrrpath.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Torny Blair…… Come on, clap you bastards!!!

Doesn’t this man have any shame? The Parky interview is the latest in a long line of Blair-Rebrand-Inc scams - and the metamorphosis from despotic power hungry cretin to chummy celeb TV person. Past, "Hi, I’m Tone, just an ordinary kinda guy" performances include 2 appearances on Richard and Judy (including one doing the ‘You Say, We Pay’ game). He did a whole half-hour on ‘On The Ball’ BBC’s footy pundit show – and most shamefully, an interview with Little Ant and Dec, a couple of ten-year-olds asking him such tough questions as ‘Tony, what sweets do you like?’

And each time, he gives the same performance, the shrug of the shoulders, the boyish smile, the ‘trust me’ I’m just like the guy down the pub….

I reckon he’s seeding. Making contacts in celebworld for when he hangs up his big pointy stick and begins career number 3. Maybe radio beckons – DJ Tone-deaf?

"Yo there, rock fans, welcome to ‘Volume Number 10’, the rockingest, rollingest rock’n'roll rock-fest in the Yo-universe. And tonight, a special treat for all fans of rock – a whole hour of retro appreciation for a very special band from the ‘70’s. Let’s rock with the ‘Ugly Rumours’….."
But more likely, it’s going to be TV. I reckon Parky better watch his back, ‘Blairy’ is about to steal your job…..

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