Thursday, March 02, 2006

Asda wrapping themselves in the flag of St George?

Ron, my very good friend, fellow quiz team player and passionate English patriot has had a reply from Asda regarding their forthcoming St Patrick’s day bargain offers (see Monday's post) – and wondered if they would be repeating the gesture on St George’s Day.

The rather grandly monickered, 'Asda Events Team’ has written back to him. They’ve noticed an upsurge in support for our patron saint and have confirmed that Asda will be producing a range of St George’s Day goodies for our National day.

Their words were "We’ve noticed our customers are becoming passionate about St George's Day, they will be pleased to know that Asda will be providing similar facilities and events as St Patrick’s Day".

I say "Hallelujah to that"

Ron says perhaps more realistically, "let’s wait and see"

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