Monday, March 20, 2006

A cautionary tale ... the ferreter's story.

Strange how stuff ‘comes around’ and ‘goes around’, innit? You'll no doubt be aware that members of the second oldest profession – 'corrupt politicians' are in the news again….. T’was ever thus.

For instance, hands up all those who have ever heard of Victor Grayson? He’s a name lost in history – but 80 years ago, he was on every newspaper’s front page. Grayson was a crusading socialist politician in Britain just after the First World War.

A former MP, he made it his business to seek out injustice and corruption at the very highest levels of the British establishment. His most fervent crusade was against David Lloyd George – who he accused of selling honours and Peerages for cash to anyone who could stump up the necessary readies…..

He was spied on by the newly formed MI6 - they thought he was a Bolshevik agitator – Legendary ‘ace of spies’, Sidney Reilly took an extra special interest in the man constantly blowing whistles. Grayson suspected he was being followed and did a bit of digging. He discovered the guy on his tail was non other than Arthur Maundy Gregory – who as well as being a spy, also did the fixing for Lloyd George’s honours selling scams….

Unfortunately for Victor, he got too close to the truth. In late September, 1920, whilst in a bar in Leicester Square, he received a phone call. Excusing himself, he left, saying he was meeting a man at a nearby hotel.

That was the last time he was ever seen alive. Gregory was reckoned to have done him in for blabbing about the cash for honours scam. His body was never found……

Well that was then - but what about now? What about today’s establishment and the current honours for loans scandal….. Hmmmm, I hope New Labour Treasurer, Jack Dromey and Standards Committee boss, Sir Alistair Graham don’t go meeting any strange men in hotel rooms….


Dave said...

Very interesting. Victor Grayson was my great uncle. I am in Canada but will be visiting London in less than two weeks.

vic tann said...

Both mt father Albert and myself Victor Tann were named after Victor Grayson as my grandfather Jack Tann assisted in his election campaign