Thursday, February 26, 2009

RBSgate - summed up perfectly by an unknown Englishman........

This taken from a BBC message board (amazingly, not yet taken down by the BBC PC PCs)..

One thing needs to change...

The Royal Bank of Scotland is no longer Scottish - with 80% of "UK" taxpayers being English - the English taxpayer is now the majority shareholder.

Time to change it's name to something more representative:

"The mainly English Bank"


"The English Taxpayers Bank"

by EnglandRise.

Friday, February 20, 2009

URGENT! - Please sign the 'Ministry Jobs' petition on the number 10 site...

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to amend the existing job descriptions of some of his ministers. With the advent of devolution, and the consequent reality that some Ministers of HM government now only have responsibility over England alone, we believe it is wrong both factually and descriptively for those Ministers to continue to describe their job functions as ‘Secretaries of State’.

The term ‘Secretary of State’ has a UK wide remit. A Secretary of State is literally a Minister acting on behalf of all the people of the UK state – as in the case of the Foreign Secretary (official title being ‘'Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs').

So how can devolved Ministries such as Health, Education, Transport and Culture, honestly be described as having Secretary of State responsibilities - when those responsibilities apply to England and England alone?

We think this needs to be rectified – and that under the terms of the Government’s contract of trust with the people, Ministers of devolved Ministries are currently misleading the public who elect them on both the scope and the magnitude of their positions by continuing to use the term ‘Secretary of State’. We therefore think the amended job title for Ministers of devolved responsibilities would more truthfully reflect their area of relevance – for example, ‘Secretary for Health in England’.
Note: If the job responsibility for a particular Minister also includes Wales then ‘and Wales’ can simply be inserted after ‘England’

Please sign up here - Name only please, otherwise, the number 10 petition police will delete your contribution.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fred shredded....

It was immeasurably satisfying to see that over-arsed vain-glorious bully, Sir Fred Goodwin get his botty smacked during yesterday's Commons Select Committee session. What comes around goes around - and even though that bespectacled yob still has his obscene pension, his golden goodbye-wad and his massive collection of classic cars, Goodwin, famed for his draconian management style, axe man-like tendencies and narcissistic love of all things Freddish is now persona non grata in civilised society. In less enlightened times he and his gang of 4 conspirators would have been expelled from the city limits and tethered to a post outside so that the wolves could have their fill.....(if they could stomach him).

The Piranha has become the Pariah.

I once had the misfortune to have met that odious man when he was busily sacking lots and lots of people from the Clydesdale Bank - he was CEO there before getting the job at RBS. I have seen grown men cry after being summoned to his office for a dressing down and completely broken after being fed through the wringer by him.

My contact at the bank had a nervous breakdown. He ended up a nervous wreck - all due to the Shred and his Caligula-like tendencies. The man is a complete inadequate. And after yesterday’s inquisition, it was obvious to all that the Fredster still believes his own delusional view of himself. Yes he apologised, but no, he didn't think he was at fault - for anything, really.

I just wonder how long it will be before we see him get another high-profile post. Rumour has it that because of his love of classic cars and the sponsorship of Formula 1 by RBS, Goodwin has built up a lot of friendships amongst the sport’s management elite. Apparently, he is being touted as the successor to Formula 1 supremo Max Mosley, son of Oswald-the-fascist and lover of sadistic sex games with prostitutes. I suppose by giving Goodwin the job, Formula 1 could claim they were cleaning up their act..........

But maybe not. Maybe it’s a case of carry on regardless? Is there any difference between them? One is the son of a leading fascist – the other was seen as a fascist by his long suffering staff. Both appear to be fans of sadism – with Mosley it was a physical thrill while Goodwin was a fan of sadistic mind games on underlings.....

You never see them in the same room together, do you?

Friday, February 06, 2009

The LibDems - pedalling more lies and deception....

Yesterday saw the launch of the Liberal Democrats grand plans to 'fix' the class based education system in Britain.

I know that this new policy initiative applies to the whole of Britain because their leader, legover-lethario Nick Clegg said so -

“While fighting the recession is currently the top priority, Britain cannot afford to get stuck in thinking only of our present - we must plan for the future. This means the best education for the youngest children to deliver a truly free society.

"The enormous gap that still exists in Britain today between the performance of our most disadvantaged children and those from richer families is an outrage. The Liberal Democrats believe that every child should be entitled to the best possible education no matter what their background is".

I know that the policy applies to the whole of Britain because Ming Campbell, MP for North East Fife in Scotland said 'right across the country' on yesterday's edition of 'The Daily Politics'

I know that the policy applies to the whole of Britain because on the LibDems website, it says -

Nick Clegg announced radical new education policies to fix inequalities in Britain’s ‘class-based education system.’

And I know that this policy applies to the whole of Britain because on last night's BBC 6 o'clock news, ace education correspondent Rita Chakrabarti told me so by not mentioning England or English even once during her non-depth and factually crap report. (Don't you just love all that BBC impartiality?)

Except that this being post devolution Britain, it doesn't, does it? Apply to Britain, I mean.....

I found out that it only applies to England because - At the very bottom of the Lib Dems web article it says in tiny text -

This item refers to England. Due to devolution, detailed policy may be different in other parts of the UK.

I found out that it only applies to England because on yesterday's Daily Politics show, Ming Campbell used the phrase 'Right across the country' a lot. And we of the nationalist fraternity know that 'right across the country' is politician's code for England.

I found out that it only applies to England because Ming Campbell has a Scottish constituency with bugger-all to do with the education of kids in England - and therefore feels more than qualified to shove his nose into business that doesn't concern him. (Well, what else has he got to do?)

I found out that it only applies to England because I rang LibDem HQ this morning to get confirmation from a PR foot soldier that the policy only applied to England. "Yes, it only applies to England" he said........

STOP PRESS - Coming soon. A fly-on-the-wall video documentary on life as a particular kind of MP...