Sunday, March 05, 2006

Anger, Anger, Anger!!!!!!!!….

BBC’s Panorama tonight highlighted the appalling and illegal practice of forcing old and infirm people in England and Wales to sell their homes in order to finance their NHS care..... which they should have as of right.

What shocked me most was how ordinary these people were … a lifetime of work, a lifetime of trust – betrayed. The state/citizen concordat – you work and pay taxes all your working life, we’ll look after you when you’re ill - has been lost in a pen pushing fudge of fiscal skulduggery. These people all looked like bedrock Labour voters – and the sadder their condition, Alzheimer’s, cancer etc, the more aggressive the bullying from NHS-BMW man. Most lived in humble semidetached dwellings, some even lived in terraced housing. The amounts the houses sold for was just pitiful, 40, 50, 60 grand…..

As usual, the BBC failed to ask why it wasn’t so in Scotland. As usual, the BBC failed to ask why the old people in Scotland are looked after far more compassionately than they are in England and Wales – could it be something to do with money?.

And the really sad point about it – Wales via their very own Assembly will no doubt outlaw this appalling practice in the near future…. But who the hell is going to look out for English old people?

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