Friday, March 10, 2006

Johnny Plod lets David Mills off the hook….

Email to Metropolitan Police HQ, traffic division 4/3.06.

Sir: I wonder if you could help me. On Friday, 3rd March, I watched the TV news story of Mr David Mills, husband of Culture Minister, Tessa Jowell and close friend of Mr Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy. The film showed Mr Mills coming out of his house, getting into his BMW and driving off. He subsequently hit a people carrier door about 20 yards down the road. I understand that he also drove over a cameraman's foot.

It was absolutely obvious Mr Mills could not see a thing - the reason being that the whole of his front windscreen was completely frosted up with ice. He didn't bother to scrape it off at all, preferring instead to garble something in Italian (something about a horse’s head?) to the waiting paparazzi. His bravura was astounding, he’d obviously forgotten his scraper and de-icer - and failed to complete his mirror signal manouvre, errr, manouvre.... This was quite evident from the close up film work - and especially obvious as he got in and drove off. It was like watching a blind man driving - and crashing a car. Tell me, would you let Stevie Wonder climb into a high powered German car and drive off – even if he was married to a Government Minister?

As Mr Mills quite clearly committed a serious motoring offence (driving a vehicle that it was wholly unfit to be driven) and as the law is supposed to apply to everyone, will you be interviewing him?

Reply from the Met’ to HtheW HQ, 9/3/06.

Thank you for your communication dated the 4 March, which has been forwarded to this Unit.

Whilst I appreciate your concern that this incident was broadcast, there are a number of reasons why the Met’ would not normally prosecute in this matter:-

I am sure that you will appreciate that with finite resources, the Met have to prioritise investigations and prosecutions, with those involving death or serious personal injury taking precedence.

We do not have full details of the incident; it was only viewed by a third party..... blah, blah, blah.....

Yours sincerely

Metropolitan Fudge Department.

So there you go, next time you get a speeding ticket, just tell them you know the Italian Prime Minister…..
(failing that, just start going on about horses’ heads)…..

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