Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Neil the merciless mullers Ming, the old git..

(and I knee Hughesy, the habitual liar in the gonads)

Superb, just superb on BBC’s ‘Daily Politics’ show today. Rottweiler, Andrew Neil did a bloody amazing job on Ming Campbell and his blatherings about Scottish MPs voting on English only matters. Ming reckoned he had only received one solitary letter on this matter in the last 12 months …. And that was from a Scotsman! Neil was incredulous & amazed and actually said every day the Daily Politics email facility is swamped by irate English people complaining about the current democratic deficit.

I have a feeling Ming the man who cannot read will be getting sacks full of mail about it from now on.

After ‘Ming the old’, it was the turn of ‘Hughes the liar’. Neil grilled him about telling lies, untruths, etc. Hughes tried to act all statesmanlike, but instead looked like a shifty second hand car dealer. Just then ‘Jenny’ the well fit, brain of a planet co host read out an email – it was mine!!!!

I asked Simon Hughes, habitual liar the following –

Can Simon Hughes explain why only a few months ago he declared his support for an English Parliament, only to jettison this view once he declared his intention to lead the LibDems.

I thought politics was all about belief, passion and HONESTY - clearly I am mistaken.

Guess what, Simon said he’d always said he wanted EvoEM – and he had always been up front about that…… Liar, liar, Hughes’ pants on fire….

If you want to view the programme, just to see Andrew Neil, TV’s only champion of an English voter, click here and load the video button. You can also see sweaty Hughes replying to my email.

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