Friday, March 17, 2006

The Blair Junta….

Can it get any worse? How much limbo-lower can the Labour Party go? The ‘GreedypiggiesinthetroughGate’ loans scandal is just another example of NuLabour’s day-on-day ability to out-corrupt itself.

Tony Blair, El Presidente, a number of questions need to be answered here don’t you think? For instance, How the hell is your Party ever going to pay back 14 million pounds worth of loans? Presumably, there will be interest to pay as well and a repayment schedule arranged? Also, if your very own Treasurer knew bugger all about the loans, then presumably they did not go through the Party’s main bank account… so which bank account has got the 14 million pounds - and who the hell signs the cheques if it ain't the Treasurer?

One thing is for sure, Blair’s Party, Blair’s Government, Blair’s Country are three sick puppies. Blair is little better than a bling-bemedalled General leading a corrupt and morally bankrupt South American Country from one disaster to another. He and his pathetic cadre of tin-pot toy corporals have brought ruination to this once confident country. Power is the drug, Money is the corrupter, Celebrity is the fix, Moral bankruptcy is the dividend.

Tony, if you want to raise money for the Party, sell Keir Hardy’s cap, Clem Atlee’s moustache, or even one of your many, many faces on ebay….

One thing’s for sure, the people of Britaguay have had enough.
We really, really have.

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