Sunday, April 25, 2010


After years of pushing, letter writing and email correspondence from many English patriots, it appears there may just be a little bit of light regarding a national anthem for England.

England's Commonwealth Games Committee Board of Trustees have acquiesced to public pressure and are actually asking us to vote on which anthem victorious English athletes should be upstanding to at the next Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India. Appropriately, the vote opened on Friday - St George's Day, so get voting!

The press release spells it out - Commonwealth Games England announced today that they will let the nation decide which anthem is to be played at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi by allowing the public to vote for the song of their choice.....

There are only 3 candidates - and only one that is England-specific - so it should be a no brainer.

Option 1: God Save the Queen. British anthem and hence really nothing to do with England..... Gordon Brown take note: England is not Britain. Apart from that, the tune is about as uninspiring as a tune can be.

Option 2: Land of Hope and Glory. British imperialistic Edwardian anthem which gloried in the ever-expanding British Empire (especially in Africa) during the country-collecting activities of the late Victorian and early Edwardian eras. Irrelevant to England as the 'Land of Hope and Glory' referred to is Britain. Erroneously used in the past as England's victory anthem at previous Commonwealth Games - in our view totally inappropriately. It really does need to change in favour of option 3.

Option 3: Jerusalem. This scores on all fronts. For a start, it actually mentions and is about England. Also, opinion polls have consistently shown it to be by far the nation's favourite choice for an English anthem. The words by William Blake are nothing to do with invading anyone, nor are they disparaging to any of our neighbours - they just embody what a vision of England could be.

Jerusalem really should be England's National Anthem. SO PLEASE DO VOTE FOR IT RIGHT NOW!!!!
If we can get Jerusalem to be accepted as England's Victory Anthem at Delhi in October then it is more likely to be taken up by organisations such as the FA, RFU and the ECB as England's pre-game anthem of choice...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Power2010 - my new best friends....

After a bit of an unsteady start, Director Pam Giddy and the crew from Power2010 just might be getting the hang of this here democracy malarky. That's the kind that listens to what the majority want rather than obeying the malign thought processes of the ruling elite.

At long last, Giddy looks as if she has shed the shackles of New Labour's bizarre idea of democracy - and Helena Kennedy's long shadow of remote controllery appears to have run out of batteries.

Power2010 have today published the findings of an ICM poll which concerns the very biggest of elephant-in-the-room subjects, namely..... “England should have its own parliament with similar powers to those of the Scottish Parliament”.

A full 68% of those asked were in favour of that statement, almost 7 out of every 10 people. Even using Gordon Brown's much thrown 1978 Amstrad Power Calculator, that's a clear and unequivocal majority.

Giddy says: “England was not mentioned once in the leaders’ debate and has not featured at all during this campaign so far. Yet we now know people want a fairer way of making decisions that affect England.

“It suddenly feels like we are on the cusp of seismic changes to the way our politics is done. But so long as the unfair system we have at the moment persists it can only play into the hands of undemocratic voices like the BNP. With all the talk of reform in the air politicians should not duck the English question, but use the opportunity of St George’s day to say where they stand".

So, in the face of a growing and unstoppable grassroots demand for a national legislature in England, what can the Establishment cronies do to rubbish this latest hammer blow to their cosy little club of vested interests and majority disenfranchisement?

Will New Labour poodle Prof' Robert Hazell from UCL's Constitutional Unit again tell us that there is no demand for an English Parliament?

Will Gordon Brown simply ignore us and continue with his strategy of burying England in favour of the ever-so-precious Union?

Will Lord Mandelson blame it on the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud?

Will David Cameron tell us that this poll proves that almost 70% of people in England are in fact 'sour little Englanders'?....

Will Nick Clegg tell us that it would be best all round if England were subsumed into the greater Euro region of Francania?...

Will Jack Straw tell us that the latest poll clearly shows that 7 out of 10 people in England are very violently aggressive and a bit too arrogant for their own good in wanting self-determination for their country?

Or will someone, anyone in the halls of power at Westminster come out of the closet of denial, declare it's a fair cop and that the reinstatement of England's Parliament is the only right and fair action to take.....

Don't bet on it.

One thing is as clear as Gordon's glassy eye. The agenda for devolution has now passed from the control of power crazed politicians and into the consciousness of the English public. The door to self-determination is now unlocked and swinging open. Change is now inevitable, as is an English Parliament. Gordon, Dave, Nick et al, you'd better get used to it - and quick.

So why not register your ire here...

You'd be mad (or a Poodle Prof') not to....