Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's official - the Sunday Times don't like the phrase 'cabal of yes-monkey Scottish Labour MPs'

I've got a letter printed in today's Sunday Thunderer in response to last week's article 'The price of being English'.....

I'm pleased, I suppose, but they've obviously run Rupert Murdoch's 'sarcasm filter' over it, because it has been somewhat toned down from the original..

This is what I sent -

Sir -
Regarding the piece on Scots being better off than their English counterparts, (the price of being English') - I would suggest that Scottish education is not as good as I previously thought if comments by Robin McAlpine of Universities Scotland is anything to go by. Mr McAlpine is quoted in last week's article "We get the rough end of the stick for England’s decision to impose top-up fees.”

May I remind Mr McAlpine that the decision to impose tuition fees upon English students was a choice made exclusively by the UK parliament - which as we all know, was only made possible thanks to the loyal and obedient support by the cabal of yes-monkey Scottish Labour MPs. For Mr McAlpine's information, England has no national representation, no national voice, no First Minister and no English Parliament, yet. Latest opinion polls show up to 68% of people in England in support of an English Parliament - and when we do get one, you can be sure of two things. 1) The Barnett Formula will be ditched immediately 2) People in England will get a fair division of the spoils - and at last bring an end to our vindictive fiscal and democratic persecution

And this is what they printed....

Fair Division....

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The BBC, guilty as charged.....

I used to love the BBC's dissemination of news and current events - really admire it. From the early fifties onwards I grew up with it, shaping the way I viewed the world and its politics.They had great reporters and journalists then, legends of their craft - people like James Cameron, Richard Dimbleby, Kenneth Allsop, Derek Hart, Jim Biddulph and Keith Graves gave the news as it was. Hardbitten, punchy, objective, concise. Not any more. The BBC is now nothing more than NuLabour's mouthpiece. Its official news agency. Brown's Big Brother hard-wired conduit to the people - handily positioned in every living room in the land..... War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, England is Britain.

The BBC has, since 1997 (year Zero), let itself become corrupted, emasculated of independence, denuded of integrity - eagerly prostituting itself and its core values in order to fulfil NuLabour's basket case view of YouKay PLC and 'Britain-Lite' - (England, to you and me). As surely as Matthew Corbett shoving his hand up Sooty's furry little sphincter, the BBC has obeyed, followed orders, rolled over and waved the white flag of surrender - in absolute awe of its Huggy-beared bedallioned pimp - the Government. And in turn, buggered us into a stupifying oblivion.

The stream of misinformation is never ending, the remit unwavering, the dedication to newspeak via the NuLabour dictionary of 'Spin, Lies and More Lies' is as supine as any lap dog with an obsessive obedience complex. On TV, on Radio and on the Web, the BBC tells it like it isn't - but like NuLabour would like it to be.

The target of all this flannel, this Kleenex container-loaded tissue of lies and fantasy, is us - the great English public. 50 million people routinely given the mushroom treatment by our national broadcaster. Each and every one of us standing in compost with the lights off, as every second of every day, the BBC feed us a drip-drip Beau Jolie drop of NuLabour bullshit. Appalling yes-men, celeb monkeys, fashion obsessed bimbos, failed actors and cerebrally challenged dullards infest the BBC newsrooms. Their scripts are shamelessly honed by card-carrying members of the Islington branch to comply with the model of bleak servitude as defined by their political masters. No substance, little style - just propaganda and lies. Compliance to the NuLabour master plan, grain harvest and tractor production targets is total. It goes from lowly bog cleaner all the way up to the DeeGee himself..

Enough is enough. The truth will out. We will have our day - and when we do, the BBC will be dismantled, dismembered and destroyed.

Until that happens, if they act like a Soviet mouthpiece of the Labour Party Central Committee, then they should have the branding to go with it. Feel free to use the logo.