Friday, March 10, 2006

Meanwhile, back in ‘black and white’ world….

The place: Somewhere in the north of England.
The time: Teatime on a Spring day in 1963.
Activity: Eating our tea & watching the BBC 6 o’clock news on the telly. 10 year old kid – just about to start asking awkward questions…

Me: "So what’s a ‘Profumo’, then?"

Mum: "He’s not a ‘what’ – he’s a man – and a very, very bad man at that ….. disgusting"

Me: "What about ‘Keristeen Keeler’ – is she bad as well?"

Mum: "Very, very bad"….

Me: "As bad as the very worse bad person from the planet ‘Bad’ – the baddest planet in the whole Galaxy of Evil?"…..

Mum: "Probably much worse….. Now eat your greens, all up"

Me: "So what’s a 'prostitute' then?"

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