Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bargain of the month….

Four English pounds and ninety-nine English pence was all it took to buy a St George’s flag from my local ‘Range Superstore’.

The quality is excellent – but the best bit is the size of it, it’s absolutely huge. Three full English yards long by two generous English yards deep. No miserly, Napoleon-inspired metric skulduggery here – just honest English imperial as the measurement of choice for this product. I unfurled the flag when I got home – and I swear it stretches across two counties and a time zone. Fortunately, I have the heavy-duty flagpole necessary with which to get it up to it’s full morning glory…..

It will be a suitable focal point in our garden on the 23rd April – and of course when Becksy, Stevie, Frankie, Rio-ee, Waynee, Ashley-ee and Company-ee lift the World Cup after stuffing Brazil 5-0 in the final-ee…

I wonder if they sell them in Tesco? .......
Nah, probably not.

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