Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Shock - Charles Clarke gets sums wrong on Plod botch!! (and he was only warned about it in 2004)

Think of a number, triple it, then double it. Add another few million, multiply it by a hundred, then work out how many people live in Calcutta and add them to the total.... What do you get - big numbers right? Or to put it another way, the approximate cost of regionalising the police forces in England...

Charles Clarke, the face of a slapped arse of a Home Secretary has been told to go away and think again on his plan to introduce 'Balkan-Plod' police forces in England. Apparently, he's got the sums a bit wrong, a leaked Home Office report warned him in 2004 that the £800 million allocated was like, not enough by a zillion miles. Chaz, try adding a nought or two...... or better still, leave things as they are!!

Full story here

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