Monday, July 31, 2006

The fraud Blair’s pregnant pauses.

Another disaster, another opportunity for our glorious leader to practise his acting skills…..

"OK, Tony luv, for this performance, I want pathos, I want pain, I want abject misery….. oh, and throw in a couple of those really long pauses luv. They go down a storm in the USA"….

Tony Blair’s televised statement last night about the appalling massacre in Qana, Lebanon was so sickening. As usual, the troubled staccato delivery was rolled out, Blair, the near weeping leader, with his big doe eyes filling with the salty angst of the world, searching, grasping for words from the Tony Blair lexicon of pain. The pauses grew ever pregnantier, the wistful looks onto a far horizon grew more Braveheart-like. He battled to control the big mass of glottal trembling in his throat. Could he control it, or would he suddenly burst into tears?

Somehow, somehow, our champ of champs managed to pull it off. Tone delivered the eulogy, the little children suffered and died under a 500 lb bomb, precision delivered by an Israeli F16 jet. His bottom lip trembled, the furrowed brow, etched with years of noble sacrifice for the public good aged his youthful good looks by at least another 50 years. Wearily, exhausted and broken, he sighed, his eyes cast down in silent tribute to the fallen youth of Lebanon……… Still, not to worry Tone, cheer up and dry your eyes yer miserable twat – you’ll soon be on your freebie holibobs at Cliff’s mansion in Barbados……..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

English people pay the cost – then the price (yet again)

Oh dear, the trend is growing.... another cancer drug denied to English people - even though it’s available right now to every single developed country in the world – (including Wales and Scotland, obviously)…

The drug is Velcade’ – and is used to treat bone cancer. Those really horrible people at ‘NICE’ have put an embargo on the roll out of this drug in England – because it’s going to cost a few bob to buy. Maybe they prefer the tried and trusted (but always futile) old wives method of boiling nettle leaves, painting the mixture onto a toad and burying it up a donkey’s jacksie as the cure for English people to take….

For some reason I was watching ‘The Wright Stuff’ on Channel 5 this morning. Welsh MP and part time underpants internet model, Chris Bryant was guesting – and reviewed the story. He said "It is very interesting that the relevant health services in different parts of the country choose to spend their money on different drug treatments – on diabetic drugs for instance – rather than the latest cancer drugs….. He seemed to think it was a matter of choice – and that the whole of England had chosen diabetic over cancer treatment.

Well I was pretty damned impressed. Not with his analytical and forensic assessment (there was none) – but with his ability to stop himself from laughing his head off while he was actually uttering such facile drivel….

Vain Hain – being a pain again…

Along with the free use of the Westminster sun bed facility, the carefully coiffured hair (specially styled to disguise the boiled egg poking out from the top of his barnet). The tailored suits, styled to camouflage the good living fuller figure of excess, Peter Hain has been splashing out on even more freebies.

Hain, sometimes known as ‘vain’, ‘mad’, ‘tanned’, ‘fat’, ‘narcissistic git’, ‘the mirror man’ and ‘Greasy Pete’ has used a chartered plane to go to a rugby international in Dublin and two motor racing events in Sligo.

The bill, including accommodation costs for the minister and his officials, came to almost £11,000. And guess what – the taxpayer picked up the tab.

When asked why he didn’t use regular flights – and hey, even pay for his own accommodation for a series of sporting events, the Northern Ireland Office said that scheduled flights did not offer the "flexible and efficient travel" which the minister needed to enable him to meet his commitments.

So now you know.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

BBC Panorama’s National Homes Swindle..

The second Panorama programme on the National Homes Swindle was on BBC tonight. It was all about how the NHS are selling off the homes of old people in order to pay for their residential care.

Outrageous? Yes.

But would the BBC go off message? Would they highlight this state thievery as being a specifically English phenomenon – and thereby drop Nu Labour right into the sharps box as people wake up to the UK’s health apartheid ? Well they didn’t for the first programme, screened in March – as per usual, the script Nazis at BBC HQ failed to mention that north of Carlisle, everything was Hunky McDory.

But that was then - and this is now, would they tell the whole story rather than just a snippet or two? Don’t panic, rest easy - the BBC have yet again failed to mention this Nu Laboured old people’s health apartheid is England specific. Scotland’s old folk get it all free, thanks to the Barnett funding bonanza…..

Brass neck award of the programme went to Nu Labour’s Health Minister for England, Ivan Lewis. He put on his Tony Blair serious face and spewed out these little gems "It wouldn’t be affordable to offer a free system (of residential health care) to everyone" and "Social care is not free to every old person, it isn’t realistic or affordable"……

Errr, Ivan baby, wrong and fraudulently misleading with both those statements there I’m afraid. Just look to the north me old ‘tater for the proof. Up there in that there Scotland, it’s FREE, FREE, FREE residential care ago-go, largesse and Iced buns all round, courtesy of English taxpayers.

Health apartheid, alive and well and living in the UK (apart from those living in English care homes - they're mostly getting fleeced to death).....

Friday, July 21, 2006

Today's itinery......

Today I am going to the RHS flower show at Tatton, Knutsford in Cheshire.

I hope to have a good time, courtesy of my complimentary tickets.

I will however, hope to avoid the following people there –

*Any local MPs taking the opportunity to press the flesh before they go off on their 3 months holiday break.

*Anyone trying to sell me chalet breaks, double glazing or easy composting solutions.

*Supposed TV gardener, Monty Don.

*All of Monty Don’s TV mates (apart from Rachel de Thame, because she is well fit.... even if she has got green fingers)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Gordon Brown* clan – fraudulently British..

Question: If Gordon Brown* likes to be known as ‘British’ first and ‘British’ second - and his favourite goal was Paul Gascoigne’s against Scotland in Euro ’96. And he loves to read about British history, like the British Magna Carta, the British Bill of Rights and the British footy team’s triumph in 1966……. why do you think each of the 3 times his English wife was about to give birth, he has whizzed her 400 miles up country to a maternity suite in Edinburgh, Scotland?

Answer Oooooh, let me think. In spite of his British offensive (and it has been highly offensive) I reckon he thinks of himself and his kids as Scottish – and his wifey as British. In spite of what he proclaims about his Britishness, to him the very worst misfortune that could befall his family would be to have his kids born Sassenachs.

By insisting his heavily pregnant wife makes the journey northwards to give birth he proves just what a parochial snob he really is. To him, it’s not about getting the best care he can afford for his wife and kids, after all I would think London could outdo anything Edinburgh could offer – it’s all about giving them his idea of birthright….. Not British, definitely not English – just Scottish.

And what’s this obsession with naming his kids after Scottish Brown ancestors – hasn’t his wife Sarah got any input? She might have liked to call them Jason, Jack, Troy or Wayne….

Definition Corner
*Gordon Brown – noun. Repressed Presbyterian prone to wearing hairshirt tartan underpants. Ignorant perception of history – and geography - and economy. Cannot say the word ‘England’ without throwing up. Delusional control freak. Delusional PM in waiting. Delusional, full stop. Number 2 in the Scottish Raj hierarchy. Known to his friends as ‘Dour Git'. Occasional tendency to dribble from the mouth when asked about his Scottish roots.

English NHS patients* getting shafted – shock….

Committee discover 50 odd million being ripped off.
Hewitt expresses shock - and wrings hands! (very condescendingly).
Blair blames Tories for inherited mess....

A health select committee report has called for a review of the existing system of fleecing English NHS patients* ‘til the pips squeak. They say that the pattern of charging English NHS patients* exorbitant car parking fees, premium rate phone charges, eye-watering eye test fees, stomach churning prescription charges and tooth-achingly expensive dental fees is not really fair – even if it is only targeted at the average English NHS patient*…….

The government said it would consider the report carefully, denied the charges were ‘a mess’ (but didn't deny they were racist, exclusionist or that there are two classes of patient within the UK).

Rather ironically, a spokesperson from the Department of Health said "Trusts must not fleece patients unfairly"…..

As opposed to fleecing them fairly?

She should have added "Because our department does that already, especially if they are English"….

The report is welcome, but should it be left to a committee to flag up these most punitive and nationally selective of health taxes? Don’t you just wonder what the majority of English MPs do all day. This appalling health apartheid within the UK has been going on for years – amid barely a murmur from anyone. I’m coming round to thinking that the average English MP is about as radical and firebranded as a barely conscious sheep.

Definition Corner
*English NHS patient – group adj. Sick man of UK (col). Despised by Nu Labour. By-words for exploited population, ripped off, taken for a ride, taxed to the hilt esp by Scottish Raj.

UPDATE - 1:10pm
BBC Lunchtime News manage to report on committee findings without actually using the word 'English' once. More disinformation from the Beeb.....

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Tesco branding enigma – a theory.

Over the years, there has been a lot of attempts by a fair number of fair minded English nationalists including Drew, Debs, John, Gareth, Wonko and others, to persuade Tesco, the high street bully boys to label English produce - as English and not British.

All we want is equality – equal labelling rights for all Tesco produce. If Scottish beef has a Saltire on the label and Welsh Lamb has a dragon on it then it is surely reasonable that English Cheddar Cheese should have a St George’s flag on the wrapper rather than a Union Flag.

Most attempts to get a satisfactory answer from Tesco HQ has been met by a standard rebuttal of stonewallery. "England too big" (yawn), "the English have no national loyalty" (yeah, right), "distribution lines far too complex" (what a laugh)….

Over the last few weeks there has been a some fairly vigorous debate on the English blogosphere as to why Tesco have taken such a bizarre and frankly racist retail position.

A trawl through various blogs gives a really damning indictment of the Tesco intransigence. This extract is typical –
"However, I can confirm that any products which are marked British (with a union flag) and which do not have a (national flag) indicator to state that the source is from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland are of an English source".

Paula Suttie, Tesco Customer Service

So why do Tesco take such a pettily weird position on their consistent failure to recognise England through a brand flag identity?

For what it’s worth, this is my explanation…

It's not because they are worried that labelling English goods in an equal manner to other British goods would reduce the sales of these products in England.....

It’s not because the English public would fail to ‘buy in’ to the English identity, preferring to think of themselves as British. The English know who they are – and are at ease with that, just look at the flag waving during the recent World Cup.

No, I think the problem lies to the north and west of us. I think the marketeers at Tesco believe produce on sale in Scottish and Welsh stores with a St George’s flag stuck on the front would have a disastrous effect on the sales of those goods in those countries. Scottish and Welsh shoppers would shun identifiably English goods – and choose their own ‘local’ alternative instead. Guaranteed.

Tesco food lines are rolled out to the whole of the UK. Therefore English produce is on sale as far north as Fort William and as west as Milford Haven – to get round the possibility of rejection, they rebrand English goods as ‘British’ – so as not to cause any ‘offence’ to the locals.

And how terrible is that? It’s got nothing to do with pressure from the Government, or falling in behind a EU hidden agenda. It’s all to do with economics – and the perceived losses Tesco believe they might make on 15% of their UK turnover. Think the theory might be far fetched? Then just remember what happened a few weeks ago during the world cup.

So, to conclude with my theory, the only reason Tesco do not have an English flag on their English produce is to solve their perceived belief that to do so would inflame the in-built bigoted beliefs of their Scottish and Welsh customers.

Tesco believe that selling English produce with a St George's flag on it would bring about a catastrophic rejection of overtly English produce within the stores in those countries. And as most of the Tesco own label lines are of English origin, this would provoke a huge downturn in sales in both Scotland and Wales Tesco stores.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

PMQs – Geoff Cox MP asks about protectionism, Scottish Executive style…..

Yesterday, Geoffrey Cox, Tory MP for Torridge and West Devon stood up in the House and asked Snake-oil Blair a question…..

I must admit, I wasn’t really listening – every week is the same. I turn on the telly, all enthusiastic-like to watch Prime Minister’s Questiontime…… but after the first three questions – and Blair’s evasive waffling, I sort of go a bit glassy eyed. Intellectualism and open mindedness have usually been blown away by ten past twelve, by which time I want to smash Blair’s face in again…..

It took Geoffrey Cox to wake me from my state of pathological hatred.

Mr Cox got his question in fairly late in the allotted half-hour: and it went something like this. He asked the PM about a tender for a Scottish Fisheries Protection boat won by a local firm. Apparently, Appledore’s, a shipyard in his SW constituency had originally won the contract fair & square from the Scottish Executive.

And then, all of a sudden, they lost it. Just like that.

Mr Cox hinted that the contract had been withdrawn for purely political reasons and placed "somewhere else"…. The thing that really got to me was that Cox didn’t actually say where the contract had gone to…..

My ears pricked up. While Blair was waffling some facile verbage-stream bollocks answer to Cox about God knows what, I was already tapping in ‘Appledore Scottish Fisheries Scandal’ into Google…..

I had to find out exactly where the boat contract had gone. I wondered which yard, which country had been awarded it by the Scottish Executive…….

And then I found it. No surprises.

Can you guess?…..

Of course! Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Scottish Executive Environmental Minister, Ross Finnie, the contract was withdrawn from Appledore the same day as it was awarded – and eventually re-awarded to Ferguson’s shipyard in Port Glasgow who were incidentally one of the original tendering companies who failed first time round.

Even though strict EU rules state that the Scottish Executive should select the cheapest quote. Even though Appledore of SW England were the cheapest. Even though they were awarded the contract – it was still withdrawn after Finnie sort of cried "foul" - and given to a Scottish yard.

Consequently, Appledore are in it right up to their necks. Workers have been laid off – their yard is empty. They are currently suing the Scottish Executive for £10 million.

I reckon this is the tip of a protectionist iceberg.

The Scottish Executive – protectionist, parochial, pathetic.

The sooner we’re shot of them the better.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Scotland - a nuke free zone (obviously)

Welcome to England - the new NUKE central.....

Inevitably, Scottish Raj inner sporran members, Blair and Darling have excused Scotland from having any of those nasty Nuclear Power Stations from being planted on their soil....

This is a bloody outrage. This country is becoming the fag ashtray of the Union. And if this is the way 'we all act together for the common good' - then I want out - RIGHT NOW!

Freedom for England - NOW.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mad dog climbs down on regionalising the old Bill....

Craggy Rajanista, John 'Mad Scottie Dog' Reid, the man in someone else's Home, Secretary, is to chuck the towel in tomorrow regarding the regionalisation of England & Wales police forces. What's the Scottish equivalent of eating humble pie? But maybe not. I bet Johnny blames his predecessor for the mess - the man who shops at Oxfam......

"Et tu Charlie?"
I bet former Home Sec' Charles Clarke, is not going to be pleased. His brooding presence has been stomping around the corridors of Westminster just waiting to get some revenge on Reid and Blair. I reckon Chaz will shortly be blowing his high blood pressured top........ Every day, in every way, I think this Government is in terminal meltdown. More and more disaffected back benchers and former Ministers queuing up to stick the knife into Emperor Tony....

I feel a Geoffrey Howe moment could be on its way......

The law is the law isn't it?

My mate Ron threw this little conundrum in my direction last night at the Blood Tub pub…. Last Friday, 7/7/06 was the first anniversary of the London bombings. During all the tributes, the silent contemplation and the remembering of fallen colleagues, all the names of the dead were read out one by one in a solemn ceremony of tribute. Ron watched it – and wondered when the riot squad would turn up to arrest the people reciting the deceased roll call – as they had committed a serious offence….

I scoffed, "What are you going on about?"….

"Well", said Ron. "It’s happened before, hasn’t it? Remember Autumn last year, Maya Evans was prosecuted for standing by the Cenotaph in Whitehall with a piece of paper in her hand."….

Apparently, Ms Evans had dangerously and recklessly broken the law by reading out names of dead British soldiers killed in an illegal war instigated by Blair and his pal from over the pond. Inevitably, the heavy mob turned up and arrested her. She was found guilty of breaching Section 132 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act.

Miss Evans said after sentencing – "I do not agree with the Act. I just think it's a shame that you can't voice your freedom of speech in this country any more and it is illegal to hold a remembrance ceremony for the dead."

Apparently not – Maya, next time you feel like acting like a laureate yobbo, just remember to make sure you invite Sir Ian Blair and Ken Livingstone to the ceremony….

Sunday was a patriotic day….

Drove down to Derby on Sunday morning for a meet with fellow English patriots. People from all walks of life, different backgrounds and social circles all united in one unerring belief – it’s time for a Parliament for England.

The publication of the Mori poll helped of course. Real optimism coursed through the collected fellowship. For once, I really have started to believe that maybe, just maybe a kind of ‘Solidarity’ movement may be stirring – a sort of tipping point might be on the horizon. And if it happens, there’s not a damn thing those snake oil salesmen at Westminster can do about it……

Monday, July 10, 2006

Number crunching on that English Parliament MORI poll…

During a discussion session on Sunday with some fellow English patriots, this interesting fact sort of came out of the ether…

According to the poll, In response to a more detailed question, explaining that Scottish and Welsh MPs were voting on purely English issues in Westminster, 41 per cent said they favoured an English Parliament 'with similar law-making powers to the Scottish Parliament’….

Interestingly, Ipsos MORI's head of political research, Mark Gill, said. The poll was particularly significant, because 'when the public are told that under the current arrangements Scottish and Welsh MPs can vote on England-only matters, support for an English Parliament rises considerably'. Looks like the smoke and mirrors strategy is going belly up, Tone!

Back to the numbers game -41% of English people favouring an English Parliament!… That’s just 3% shy of the 44% of the Scottish population who voted for Scottish devolution in 1997.

And let’s just remember why Princess Tony gave Scotland a referendum in the first place – "there is a real demand for a devolved government in Scotland".

Tony, some hot news for you. Apparently, there is a real demand for an ENGLISH PARLIAMENT in England to govern English people – without having busy body North British men shoving their noses in. Get the referendum sorted – right bloody now…..

John Prescott: The good, the bad and the ugly…..

The Good?

Good riddance to the most useless barrel of buffalo lard this side of the Rio Ferdinand. It cannot be long now before the ’Crappola Kid’ aka Junket Johnny, ‘Lardy-arse Larry’, 'Two Wagons' and John ‘thick as a brick’ Prescott’ is finally run right outta town by a media posse – and a couple of blogging bounty men.

The Bad?

The baddest, saddest, maddest hombre in all the west is not wanted by anyone, anywhere, anymore. The Crappola Kid is about as popular as a dose of clap from Laramie Lill’s ‘Finetime Saloon & Emporium for Fallen Ladies’ in Tombstone, Arizona...... (Notice, no jokes concerning his 'Little, Little Horn').....

The Ugly?

The ugly truth is that the Crappola Kid is way past freebie drinking in the last chance saloon. The last hurrah, the last round up, the complementary sasparella quota and the free correspondence course - 'How to speak English in only 67 years' are gone forever. He’s headed straight for the gunfight in the sky at the KO corral – ‘Boot Hill is beckoning… His gold rush is over.

The bombastic deputy sheriff is about to be replaced by the doormat - ‘Mild Dave Milliband’, the rootenest, tootenest member of the young-gun Blair gang is set to take control of the golden Stetson while Boss Blair is on the freebie holiday trail in August….

Meanwhile a lynching is taking place at high noon - or as soon as we find a rope thick enough to support the weight of a ton of blubber……

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tony Blair fesses up.....

I had to laugh watching Princess Tony’s confession yesterday to the Commons liaison committee. It turns out he and his so-called government don't have a policy on population in the UK of any kind. Yeah, that’s right, I laughed in a wearisome, ‘we are ruled by a moronic toe rag claque of vacuous cretins' sort of way, as our glorious leader went into his standard fallback position of righteous indignation and turbo hand gesturing mode – trying to defend another catastrophic failure of public duty.

We must be the only western country in the world that doesn't have a policy on population - and shame on them for that. But I don't expect anyone was too surprised - this bloody shower of duffers couldn't shut a barn door – before… or even after the three-legged pantomime horse has limped off.

And yet we hear about 'sustainable development this' and ‘sustainable growth that' as some government lackey stands up and announces yet another million new house building initiative to go on some cunningly coined 'Gateway' area of countryside in the South East of England.

Sustainability is only achievable if you have a strategic bigger picture in mind and are aware of the limits of that bigger picture. In the case of England, you are never further than 72 miles from the coast – Or else, sustainability can only be achieved via a never-ending series of Gateway sites in a country that goes on forever. We appear to have neither.

This Nu Labour project breezed to power in 1997 in a Nu Wave of Nu Order optimism. One of the cornerstones of their manifesto was to decentralise. Take the heat out of the South East, spread the public offices of State and the private economic cash cow all around the country – for everyone’s benefit.

Well, surprise, surprise, that commitment soon foundered along with all the other pie in the sky waffle speel from the 1997 manifesto. Good intentions got stuck in a traffic jam on the road to hell. The back of a fag packet strategy, cheap headlines for tomorrow’s chip papers fed to a supine BBC became Princess Tony’s preferred modus operandi. Policy pronouncements on the hoof – travelling light with his six pack of spin doctors, a bullet-proof limo, a bumper can of volume hair spray and a speech writer head hunted from The Shopping Channel is the norm nowadays. Long term planning: responsible, non party political government became a distant memory as Tony chased ever more sensational headlines - and showcased ever more short term psycho babble .....and called it ‘Policy’

Long term responsible policies, you know the stuff that doesn’t grab the headlines has been left until it ceases to be long term – and because of Nu Labour dithering falls into the medium and short term policy areas….. only then is it picked up on Blairadar…

Energy, Law & Order, Defence, The Constitution…. and now ‘Population’. All areas of ‘bigger than party politics’ policy simply ignored by this shambles of a Government. I’d have thought ‘population’ would have been right up there in the vanguard of the Nu Labour thought process. England is the 4th most densely populated country on Earth. So if we are to have up to 50 new ‘Gateways’ built on virgin Southern countryside in order to shoehorn millions of new workers in millions of new houses to satisfy the white hot centralisation of the South East service economy, where is the ‘sustainability’?

I want to live in a happy, contented country - not one in which every single public amenity is in calamitous meltdown because it’s a cheapo sticking plaster solution or because some utility or service is being asked to cater for many more people for which it was originally designed. A responsible government is supposed to put the electorate at the top of its agenda and plan for the future in a mature and responsible way…..

Looks like Nu Labour don’t do mature and responsible – they don’t read well on tomorrow’s chip papers.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Scottish survey finds unpalatable truth?


*Report finds extreme Scottish Nationalism fuelling anti English sentiment
*SNP voters more likely to be Anglophobic than supporters of other parties.
*High level of anti-Muslim feeling across Scotland.....

Read all about it here

Monday, July 03, 2006

Today is my 53rd birthday.....

I share my birthday with Franz Kafka(123), Ken Russell(79), Tom Stoppard(69) and Tom Cruise(44).

Today my diet is on his holidays.

Today, I shall be going down to the Blood Tub and drinking a lot – starting with Adnams ale and ending up on the floor – a complete A to Zzzzzzzzzzzzz of English alery.

I shall be meeting Franz, Ken and the two Toms there – we’ll laugh, tell stories and get pissed on the fruit of Kent. Kafka will be a bit quiet on account of him being completely dead.. (it’ll still be more than we get out of Cruise though)……