Monday, September 26, 2005

Welcome to Prescott-in-the-Mire - a suitable case for demolition.

Can you believe it? It’s happened again! Jonah Prescott, Minister of Mayem, Meddling and Mischief has cocked something else up. The utterly incompetent, utterly ignorant, utterly stupid fat control freak has presided over another total waste of time, effort and money.

Oh yes, lots and lots of money.

I refer, of course to Jonny’s very own pet ‘Pathfinder’ project. Sweeping away old, perfectly fine, perfectly well built Victorian and Edwardian houses in the North of England and replacing them with crap. Lots and lots of modern crap. Houses that will last only 50 years, tops. Houses with paper thin walls, built on the cheap by New Labour cronies; houses with no sense of community – that’s all been bulldozed.

Us ooooop-northerners always knew it was a bogus proposition – the usual rule of Prescott’s flabby thumb is the sexier the project title, the crappier the idea – and ‘Pathfinder’ is a pretty sexy word, ergo the idea is shite. Anything with Prescott’s name on it is bound to be so.

The whole premise of Pathfinder is to replace supposedly ancient, jerry-built slum dwellings in Northern inner cities with fab, new, modern, jerry built slums, using the building skills of Prescott’s developer mates – who are all known by the name of ‘Jerry’…..

To get ‘Operation Pathfinder’ up and running, Prescott, has been rather undemocratically busily buying up, via his compulsory purchase rubber stamp, whole streets in Liverpool and other northern cities. The clever men at the Ministry agreed to pay the going rate for the ‘slums’. I assume they thought the price would be around a bag of beans and a couple of free condoms ……… And that’s the problem.

Due to the property boom, the build quality of the housing stock and the attractive and stable community location, people just cannot get enough of living in slumland.

Kelvin Grove could be, just could be Prescott’s Pathfinding Waterloo. Some houses in the road have been valued at as much as 180 grand. One hundred and eighty grand for a slum? That means to buy the whole street will cost, not John Prescott, but us mug taxpayers, three and a half million quid!

The phrase ‘John Prescott is a Responsible politician’– is an oxymoron. Why? Because Prescott is a moron and has something of the bovine about him, obviously…… Prescott is not responsible, he’s an idiot, but an idiot with real and dangerous levels of power. The sooner he’s committed to a padded cell and ensconced in a cast iron straight jacket, the better.


Gavin Ayling said...

He may be unusually good at it, but he is carrying the banner for the Labour movement. I'm afraid there's little chance of him being transported to that padded cell...

Anoneumouse said...

Hmmmm, I thought since NL came to power we had all been living in a padded cell. I guess, some padded cells are more padded than others :-)