Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dear Tone, I think you're fab, can I have your baby?

In my role as a secret double agent (codename ‘sludge gut’), Matt Carter, general secretary of Noo Labour has sent me an email. He’s asking me "as a New Labour supporter" if I would like to ask the great smiley bloke a question – to be included in his ‘Trust me, I’m a regular kinda guy road-show’ at next weeks party conference.

Being a gobby, gossipy kinda double agent, I thought I would share this chance to ask the great leader any question you like. I’ve already sent off my questions, loosely based around English Parliaments, back handed holidays, the Scottish Raj and the Barnett formula. Being a trusting, puppy dog-eyed kinda agent, I’m absolutely convinced Tone will answer all my queries in full and without any little porkies thrown in.

It’s not exactly Ask Aspel, more Ask a War Criminal

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