Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday's Caption Competition

Using your skill and judgement, try and guess what Sven, the tactical maestro of Team England might be saying as he makes this particularly rude gesture to some unfortunate, non-tactical underling.

Two great prizes for the winner this week - both books written by the tactical genius himself.
You could win the cerebral volume 'Yes, ugly men with buffed up heads can shag fit birds - the Scandinavian way".... and the master tactical work, 'Getting a job that pays 4.5 million a year without doing a tap isn't as hard as you might think'


wonkotsane said...

NI Manager: "Haha, we won!"

Sven: "4 and a half million quid, my friend, 4 and a half million quid"

Anoneumouse said...

Should have gone to spectator savers

Scott said...

Ha ha, when they realise that I have destroyed the fear of the Name England in the International footballing world...fuck you the FA!