Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pushing an anthem at an open door….

To: Ann Hogbin,
Chief Executive,
Commonwealth Games Council for England

Dear Ms Hogbin,

I emailed you a couple of months ago about the possibility of changing the England Commonwealth Games victory anthem from Land of Hope and Glory to something more appropriate to an English perspective. I suggested 2 alternatives - 'I vow to thee my Country' and 'Jerusalem' ....

You very kindly emailed me back saying that you and your committee would review the choice of anthem at your next meeting.

With this in mind, I couldn't help noticing that during the successful Ashes cricket series, 'Jerusalem' has virtually been adopted by the people of England as their National Anthem. I therefore think it would be a really fantastically positive move to choose 'Jerusalem' as the England victory anthem.

Dear Aitch,

Thank you for your further e-mail and I will certainly ensure that your comments are considered by the Council members when they have their next meeting - on 16th November.

Ann Hogbin
Chief Executive
Commonwealth Games Council for England

I reckon there's a real chance that Jerusalem will be adopted as our Victory anthem at next year's Commonwealth Games. Fingers crossed!

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wonkotsane said...

Who does the committee answer to? If it's the Minister for Sport (what's her name? Jowell is it?) then there's bugger all chance because she hates England.