Monday, September 12, 2005

Given short shrift by a LibDem stroppy cow......

After the great work by several patriots in bringing to light the facile, ignorant and racist comments of Vincent Cable, LibDem bigot, I decided a phone call was in order. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I could only ring LibDem HQ fairly late in the day on Friday afternoon.

I wanted an explanation – and an abject apology for Cable’s outrageous comments. This cerebral ‘deep-thought’ type man has lumped me, an English Nationalist in with white supremacists and Islamic fundamentalists. In previous telephone calls to LibDem HQ I’ve had quite a lot of success. Once, in the run up to the North East referendum, I even managed to get through to Kennedy’s office. His P.A. fielded the call – and I could hear in the background, the clink of glasses, the glugging of whisky being poured and the gravel vowelling of a half pissed ginger politician.

"Can I speak to Charles please?"

"Charles who?"

"Charles Kennedy"

"Sorry, no you can’t – he’s busy"

(Yeah, busy looking at the World through the bottom of a glass, I thought)

"Oh dear that’s a shame – are you sure he’s too busy to talk, I can hear him in the background…. It’ll only take a mo’ or maybe we could meet in the pub?."….

"Quite sure, perhaps I can help?"

There then followed 15 minutes of argument about the shameful support by the LibDems of Prescott’s crap Regional referendum in the North East.

So, I thought I might ring again – and hopefully get a bit more of a response, than an email……

I rang. The conversation was short, very short.

"Hello, I’ve got a complaint to make about an article by Vincent Ca"……..

"Sorry, you’ll have to write to Charles Kennedy at Westminster"

"Will I get a reply – guaranteed?"


If I didn’t know better, I’d think that many, many patriots have already had a go at LibDem HQ, they seemed a bit tetchy, a bit sensitive and a bit embarrassed. GOOD.

I’ve banged off the letter to red nosed Chaz, my breath is baiting for the reply.

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wonkotsane said...

I still haven't even had an acknowledgment for my email complaint yet.