Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday’s caption competition…

Using your skill and judgement, what do you think geordie footy meister Sir Bob Robson is saying to the plastic geordie fraud Tony Blair?

The winner will win a very thin volume of Tony Blair’s footy tactics book – ‘Blair with Flair’ and a tube of extra strength horse liniment….

I’ll get the ball rolling –

Robson: "I fucking hate you Blair, you’re a crap number 10".
Blair "Let me stay in your holiday villa and I’ll forgive you"…


wonkotsane said...

Bliar: "I'm thinking of trying out from Team Britain."

Referee: "Team britain? Fuck No!"

Kids: "Is this the Wembly Asylum Centre?"

Toque said...

Robson: "Whe I said 'kick the cunt' I was speaking to the lads behind you."