Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Peter Hain - a cretin with no sense of geography

The Right Hon' Peter Hain, Secretary of State for Northern ireland and Wales has entered the fray concerning the final Ashes cricket test match between England and Australia......

South African Hain, has obviously not yet become aware of the make up of Britain - and the 4, yes four proud and historic constituents of the UK.

When asked about what an England win and the subsequent regaining of the Ashes would mean, Hain enthused "If we can win the Ashes it would be an enormous boost for British sport, particularly for youngsters in cricket"........

Firstly Pete, - what's with the we?
Secondly, it's an England team, not British.

1 comment:

Kevin Wells said...

Why cant he say the word.

It is not a hard word to say, I will do it 'ENGLAND'