Monday, September 26, 2005

Anointy nointy nointy, your pencil's very pointy.

This week’s New Labour seaside extravaganza at Brighton will see the main man with two brains (pea and no),Tony Blair name his successor.

Emperor Tiberius Blairium will anoint his extra special pen-pushing pal, Gordon Brown, Son of Ebeneezer & Prudence as the McDauphin in waiting.

It’s not about Labour Party voting in a new leader any more. It’s grooming favourites, bestowing gifts & favours to a fellow dour Scottish Raj club member. Tone has given Brown the imperial purple handkerchief – his destiny is assured. Will anyone in the Labour Party do an Eric Heffer, Ian Mikado or even a Dennis Skinner and actually raise a point of order – or even an eyebrow at the arrogance, the effrontery and the imperialist manner of the intended succession?

Oooh no, I shouldn’t think so – they’ll be too busy munching grass, wondering where the sheepdog is – and when the big van is coming to take them to the abattoir.

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