Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Slobberchops jumps on bandwagon

Roy Hattersley, former Old Labour has-been, jowly man and prodigious producer of spittle, has come over. Using the astute political sixth sense that all connivers possess, he has suddenly declared his 'Englishness'. Well, Labour's Mr Blob-Dribbley has really gone off message this time........ Are those alarm bells from Labour Spin HQ I can hear in the distance?

‘Britishness’ has been kicked into the same bin as all the Old Labour Party Manifestos as Roy dons his Blighty waistcoat with in-built bib. He’s got his feet and he’s walking on mountains green, sauntering around those dark, satanic mills, whilst looking for his bow of burning gold and a few arrows of desire.

Roy’s gone a bit, funny…. You know, a bit weird. - In short, he’s gone ‘native’. Roy wants England – not Britain or the UK, but England to adopt ‘Jerusalem’ as its very own National anthem.

Amazing. Gobsmackingly amazing.

It’s all there, in black and while on pages 10 and 11 of today’s Daily Mail. It’s an article, written in response to England cricket captain, Michael Vaughan’s call for every Englishman at the Oval to sing ‘Jerusalem’ before the start of Thursday’s final Ashes test.

The Mail, slightly deflates the feeling of nationalism however with a couple of well-intended clangers. The first is the banner on the front page – it has a pic’ of Vaughan, celebrating a previous win. The strap line reads ’Why 'Britain' should sing Jerusalem at 10:25 on Thursday’… This insult is further compounded by a supporting sidebar piece to Hattersley’s, written by a couple of junior hacks. They preface their piece –’Why every English patriot (and, yes that means you Scots and Welsh too) should at 10:25 on Thursday morning sing the words of this glorious hymn’..

They just don’t get it do they? Can you imagine them singing Jerusalem in a pub in Glasgow’s East Side….

Hats off to the ECB, though – they brought in Jerusalem as an unofficial national anthem before England cricket matches last year – since then, it’s grown and grown. The hymn has been spontaneously sung without prompting in all this season’s matches with OZ.

It’s only a matter of time, especially after the barracking and battering that GStQ got at the Millennium Stadium last Saturday when Jerusalem is formally recognised by all English sporting bodies.

The sooner, the better.


Toque said...

The bloody Mail is a Proms goers rag, what do you expect? Sounds like they are either totally retarded or seeing only what they want to see.

Good old Vaughan, good old NPower, and good old ECB.

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wonkotsane said...

Can I suggest turing on the post verification code thingy for your blog comments?

This is good news - a politician actually mentioning the word England! The Daily Mail aren't all bad - they might not call it the English Daily Mail but they do talk about England most of the time and don't often interchange it with Britain (not that I've noticed anyway).

The English cricket team is actually the English & Welsh team but Scots are allowed to play for them too. It's never going to happen but it's still possible.

I can't imagine a Scot or Boyo (sue me) ever singing an English national anthem - especially when they boo their own British national anthem.

I guess they just aren't as civilised as the English. :D

alfie said...

Oh bugger....

I knew it was only a matter of time before those spam geezers got me.

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