Monday, September 26, 2005

Thick as a brick

Tony Blair’s biographer, Dr Anthony Sheldon says that the great leader is not the gung-ho cerebral psychopath that everyone thinks he is. Basically, Blair is a bit of an intellectual weather vane (or is that ‘vain’?) – pushed around by all and sundry – including Bill Clinton, Dubbya and Rupert Murdoch.

Dr Sheldon describes Blair as being a ‘weak man with no clear principles or ideas’ "He doesn’t have the intellectual apparatus" commented Sheldon. "He’s not an intellectual, He’s not capable of constructing a coherent platform himself"

Yes, this news is a real ‘water is wet’ type of story. Doc, mate, everyone in the entire world knows just what a vain, no brain puppy dog duffer he really is. That’s what makes him so very dangerous. He’ll do anything to please others, he’ll do anything to show how macho-sincere he is.

All Dubbya has to do to get him to roll over at his feet is to promise him a pair of authentic cowboy boots and a real Texican stetson.... (and a bonio, possibly).

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