Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vain Hain – being a pain again…

Along with the free use of the Westminster sun bed facility, the carefully coiffured hair (specially styled to disguise the boiled egg poking out from the top of his barnet). The tailored suits, styled to camouflage the good living fuller figure of excess, Peter Hain has been splashing out on even more freebies.

Hain, sometimes known as ‘vain’, ‘mad’, ‘tanned’, ‘fat’, ‘narcissistic git’, ‘the mirror man’ and ‘Greasy Pete’ has used a chartered plane to go to a rugby international in Dublin and two motor racing events in Sligo.

The bill, including accommodation costs for the minister and his officials, came to almost £11,000. And guess what – the taxpayer picked up the tab.

When asked why he didn’t use regular flights – and hey, even pay for his own accommodation for a series of sporting events, the Northern Ireland Office said that scheduled flights did not offer the "flexible and efficient travel" which the minister needed to enable him to meet his commitments.

So now you know.


tim said...

The word "oleaginous" is perfect for Hain - in fact we ought to google bomb it.
And never forgt to remind people he was found guilty, and lost an appeal against the conviction, of criminal conspiracy.

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