Friday, July 21, 2006

Today's itinery......

Today I am going to the RHS flower show at Tatton, Knutsford in Cheshire.

I hope to have a good time, courtesy of my complimentary tickets.

I will however, hope to avoid the following people there –

*Any local MPs taking the opportunity to press the flesh before they go off on their 3 months holiday break.

*Anyone trying to sell me chalet breaks, double glazing or easy composting solutions.

*Supposed TV gardener, Monty Don.

*All of Monty Don’s TV mates (apart from Rachel de Thame, because she is well fit.... even if she has got green fingers)


scot. said...

lets just get this straight shall we.

no-one is forcing you to stay in the union. if you want out, go.
scotland was FORCED into a union we vehemently opposed (threatened with armed invasion and severance of trade links.)
scotland has TWO nuclear power stations already, has been used as a ''fag ashtray'' (for nuclear waste) for years and westminster keeps its nuclear weapons a stones throw away from our largest city.
whatever your anti scottish media say we are NOT ''subsidy junkies''. we give back just as much as we put in. go to if you want proof. (no, course you wont)
again, despite what your delusional media say, it is ''oor oil''. international juristiction recognises that 90% lies in scottish waters.
i notice you dont point out the fact that it is nearly ALWAYS scottish regiments sent out to the front line first to fight wars that we probably wouldnt even be involved in if we were independant. not to mention the infamous disbanding of the scottish regiments to form a super regiment. (small matters i suppose but still)

tell me, why has england all of a sudden started campaigning to get out of the union? you seemed quite content for the previous 200 odd years. could it be that you are not very pleased now the tables have turned and england are no longer calling the shots? now that scotland are being given a voice for the first time in nearly 300 years? well now you know how it ahs been for us for the past 292 years, and why sometimes some of us suffer from the ''bitter jock'' syndrome (which i agree is stupid but there it is).

and finally, you are nothing but an anti-scottish racist masquerading as an intellectual. you suffer from the ''merry old england'' disease, where you are incapable of noticing your countrys faults, and if they are pointed out to you, you will always manage to come up with some excuse. you are a prime example of the kind of englishman that comes in for so much stick from us scots. your ignorance, arrogance and bias are WHY certain sections of the country, nay, WORLD just dont like you. you show the vast majority of your countrymen in a very poor light and you should maybe take a look at your own countrys faults before you start criticising others.

alfie said...

Seems a bit harsh Bud. I didn't realise my Tatton Garden Show itinery would rattle your cage quite so much...... What's the matter, don't you like fuscias - or are you a fan of Monty Don?

And as regard to your comment, "and finally, you are nothing but an anti-scottish racist masquerading as an intellectual."

Both wrong with those comments mate. I'm definitely no racist - and I'm outraged that you accuse me as such... for simply telling it as I see it - I just want some democracy - you know, like the stuff you have.

I don't know if I'm an intellectual or not - but I know when a government is shafting me because of where I was born - and I know when a government is disproportionally funding the 4 home nations - no prizes for guessing which country comes bottom of the per head funding league (or indeed, which comes top)

All round, I find your comment aggresive, bolshy - and grossly inaccurate...... you sort of remind me of someone....

Rest assured, I will respond to your points one by one. I think it would be a good idea though if you looked up some actual facts in history books before you go slagging off blogger's posts and making bizarrely inaccurate statements. Or does the usual "We hate you guys coz you're all so English and therefore arrogant and are therefore always going on about the 1966 World Cup Final" argument from north of the border do it for you?