Tuesday, July 18, 2006

English NHS patients* getting shafted – shock….

Committee discover 50 odd million being ripped off.
Hewitt expresses shock - and wrings hands! (very condescendingly).
Blair blames Tories for inherited mess....

A health select committee report has called for a review of the existing system of fleecing English NHS patients* ‘til the pips squeak. They say that the pattern of charging English NHS patients* exorbitant car parking fees, premium rate phone charges, eye-watering eye test fees, stomach churning prescription charges and tooth-achingly expensive dental fees is not really fair – even if it is only targeted at the average English NHS patient*…….

The government said it would consider the report carefully, denied the charges were ‘a mess’ (but didn't deny they were racist, exclusionist or that there are two classes of patient within the UK).

Rather ironically, a spokesperson from the Department of Health said "Trusts must not fleece patients unfairly"…..

As opposed to fleecing them fairly?

She should have added "Because our department does that already, especially if they are English"….

The report is welcome, but should it be left to a committee to flag up these most punitive and nationally selective of health taxes? Don’t you just wonder what the majority of English MPs do all day. This appalling health apartheid within the UK has been going on for years – amid barely a murmur from anyone. I’m coming round to thinking that the average English MP is about as radical and firebranded as a barely conscious sheep.

Definition Corner
*English NHS patient – group adj. Sick man of UK (col). Despised by Nu Labour. By-words for exploited population, ripped off, taken for a ride, taxed to the hilt esp by Scottish Raj.

UPDATE - 1:10pm
BBC Lunchtime News manage to report on committee findings without actually using the word 'English' once. More disinformation from the Beeb.....

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