Sunday, July 23, 2006

BBC Panorama’s National Homes Swindle..

The second Panorama programme on the National Homes Swindle was on BBC tonight. It was all about how the NHS are selling off the homes of old people in order to pay for their residential care.

Outrageous? Yes.

But would the BBC go off message? Would they highlight this state thievery as being a specifically English phenomenon – and thereby drop Nu Labour right into the sharps box as people wake up to the UK’s health apartheid ? Well they didn’t for the first programme, screened in March – as per usual, the script Nazis at BBC HQ failed to mention that north of Carlisle, everything was Hunky McDory.

But that was then - and this is now, would they tell the whole story rather than just a snippet or two? Don’t panic, rest easy - the BBC have yet again failed to mention this Nu Laboured old people’s health apartheid is England specific. Scotland’s old folk get it all free, thanks to the Barnett funding bonanza…..

Brass neck award of the programme went to Nu Labour’s Health Minister for England, Ivan Lewis. He put on his Tony Blair serious face and spewed out these little gems "It wouldn’t be affordable to offer a free system (of residential health care) to everyone" and "Social care is not free to every old person, it isn’t realistic or affordable"……

Errr, Ivan baby, wrong and fraudulently misleading with both those statements there I’m afraid. Just look to the north me old ‘tater for the proof. Up there in that there Scotland, it’s FREE, FREE, FREE residential care ago-go, largesse and Iced buns all round, courtesy of English taxpayers.

Health apartheid, alive and well and living in the UK (apart from those living in English care homes - they're mostly getting fleeced to death).....

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