Wednesday, July 26, 2006

English people pay the cost – then the price (yet again)

Oh dear, the trend is growing.... another cancer drug denied to English people - even though it’s available right now to every single developed country in the world – (including Wales and Scotland, obviously)…

The drug is Velcade’ – and is used to treat bone cancer. Those really horrible people at ‘NICE’ have put an embargo on the roll out of this drug in England – because it’s going to cost a few bob to buy. Maybe they prefer the tried and trusted (but always futile) old wives method of boiling nettle leaves, painting the mixture onto a toad and burying it up a donkey’s jacksie as the cure for English people to take….

For some reason I was watching ‘The Wright Stuff’ on Channel 5 this morning. Welsh MP and part time underpants internet model, Chris Bryant was guesting – and reviewed the story. He said "It is very interesting that the relevant health services in different parts of the country choose to spend their money on different drug treatments – on diabetic drugs for instance – rather than the latest cancer drugs….. He seemed to think it was a matter of choice – and that the whole of England had chosen diabetic over cancer treatment.

Well I was pretty damned impressed. Not with his analytical and forensic assessment (there was none) – but with his ability to stop himself from laughing his head off while he was actually uttering such facile drivel….

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