Monday, July 10, 2006

Number crunching on that English Parliament MORI poll…

During a discussion session on Sunday with some fellow English patriots, this interesting fact sort of came out of the ether…

According to the poll, In response to a more detailed question, explaining that Scottish and Welsh MPs were voting on purely English issues in Westminster, 41 per cent said they favoured an English Parliament 'with similar law-making powers to the Scottish Parliament’….

Interestingly, Ipsos MORI's head of political research, Mark Gill, said. The poll was particularly significant, because 'when the public are told that under the current arrangements Scottish and Welsh MPs can vote on England-only matters, support for an English Parliament rises considerably'. Looks like the smoke and mirrors strategy is going belly up, Tone!

Back to the numbers game -41% of English people favouring an English Parliament!… That’s just 3% shy of the 44% of the Scottish population who voted for Scottish devolution in 1997.

And let’s just remember why Princess Tony gave Scotland a referendum in the first place – "there is a real demand for a devolved government in Scotland".

Tony, some hot news for you. Apparently, there is a real demand for an ENGLISH PARLIAMENT in England to govern English people – without having busy body North British men shoving their noses in. Get the referendum sorted – right bloody now…..

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