Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gordon Brown savaged by jug eared, dead sheep .....

I got up extra especially early today; dour Gordon was on BBC's 'Sunday AM'. Hosted by Andrew Marr, the original Mr Potato-Head, I'd sort of expected a bit of a probing and a bit a hand bagging from the former BBC chief political reporter towards the miserable pretender.

Marr knows all about England's constitutional deficit - he's written about it many, many times. So with the imperial handover imminent, what better time for Brown to be nailed about all things Brown does not have a mandate on. I should have known better – and I should have stayed in bed. Marr merely performed the role of thrower of friendly full tossed questions of banality to a barely interested Brown. BBC Blair stoogism is dead, long live the repackaged Brown stoogism

I know 'Sunday AM' is supposed to be a bit of magazine mix from a typical Sunday supplement, but really, what's the point of having the Chancellor on if you're not going to ask him pertinent questions that will undoubtedly be raised when Brown assumes control. Marr simply repeated the usual standards on education, on Iraq, on Muslim extremism, on international terrorism. Brown trotted out the party line on all of them.......


Next week, Andrew Marr investigates the prejudice against jug eared people in the UK. His guests include, King Edward-Spud, 'Plug' from the Beano and the FA Cup.
He also interviews Saddam Hussein from his Iraq jail cell and grills him relentlessly about his crimes against humanity. In this hard hitting session, Marr, as single minded as a sex starved Jack Russell in a room full of fluffy cushions interrogates Saddam on the really important issues that affect the `Middle East. For instance, can Saddam "really justify having avocado bathroom suites in all of his palaces" and "Is the moustache real?"

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