Saturday, February 11, 2006

On the ball? – Well, only ‘hollers’ was..

This afternoon’s footy analysis programme on BBC 1 had the studio pundits discussing the England Manager vacancy with some vigour. The show’s anchor, Manish Bhasin, a man who knows jack all about football, kicked it off with his declaration that "The next England Manager just has to be British doesn’t he boys?"

Preston born proud Irishman, Mark Lawrenson enthused in agreement and declared that the FA should go for "The best British man for the job – and that man was Martin O’Neil"
Manish nodded, no doubt, thankful that the BBC’s ‘English is British consensus’ was being followed by both to the letter….

Fortunately, the other footy pundit hadn’t yet read the edict from BBC, PCHQ. Queens Park Rangers’ manager Ian Holloway, Englishman and pundit virgin shoved his oar in. "Well I think the next England manager has just got to be English – someone like Sam Allardyce would be great"…..

Manish and Mark looked at each other in bewilderment. It was as if Holloway, the new footy philosopher on the block had just let off a ‘silent but deadly’. The studio fell silent. Fortunately, Manish, the no knowledge of football, football anchor suddenly sprang to life. "Great, well let's look at the Wigan – Liverpool game"……..

Somehow, I just don’t think Ian Holloway will be back in the glitzy world of BBC footy punditry in the future…….

Meanwhile, Barry Davies, says what he means….

Last night, the BBC’s man at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony started to wax lyrical. Whilst people were skating around with rockets on their heads and generally making a complete arse of themselves, Baz mused what the opening ceremony at London in 2012 might be like.

Davies thought that having something from Shakespeare’s Henry V would be good – maybe a bit of "for God, Harry and St George!!!’…… Maybe not, it wouldn’t fit in with the P.C. brigade"….

Well that was a bit of a surprise, but then again, maybe it wasn’t. Davies is retiring straight after the Games and has no doubt already chucked his BBC – PC Guide in the recycling bin.

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DFH said...

Did Davies really say that? Excellent!