Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Contrast and compare….. The cost of things and the value of them….

Ann Marie Rogers, refused Herceptin treatment in the High Court today due to the excessive cost of treatment.
Cost of 1 year’s course of treatment in England - £20,000.

Cost of 1 year’s course of treatment in Scotland - £0. (courtesy of the English taxpayer).

Tony Blair, travelling to South Africa earlier this week to attend a 2 day conference on trade. Tony’s preferred mode of transport for this noble act – a private, specially chartered luxury jet liner. (With double bed, conference room, full comms suite – and as much freebie alcohol as could get down his neck).
Cost of chartering proxy ‘BlairForce 1’ for trip - £175,000.

Cost of flying to Jo’burg, 1st class return’ - £6,000. (including really soft toilet paper and all the free peanuts you can eat).

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