Thursday, February 02, 2006

The provincial press shows the way – again!

In common with other provincial ‘papers throughout England, our local ‘un is joining the ever growing band crying ‘foul’ at the top of their red-topped voices. How these little publications put the nationals to shame on the issue of the democratic deficit within England.

Our local is the Ormskirk Advertiser, this week’s edition has the banner 'Highway Robbery' and screams at how the town’s long awaited bypass has been chucked in the bin, courtesy of the pie eating puppet-master’s North West Regional Assembly. The righteous indignation is wonderful to read – compare and contrast that with the bloody woeful response from our Labour poodle MP, Rosie ‘nodding dog’ Cooper. The locals are really steaming, especially the councillors who have been battling for years to get this road built. This bit especially got my attention from a councillor –

"What is really astounding to us is that Greater Manchester will get 50% of the money allocated for new road schemes in the next decade, Merseyside 20% and the huge area of Cheshire, Lancashire and Cumbria will only get the remaining 30% between them. Little wonder the Ormskirk Bypass is not included!"

And this bit – do you think the penny is dropping?

The North West Regional Assembly was sent regional transport priorities for review by the Department. Of 25, only one is in Lancashire and that is the Heysham bypass.

The county councillors said Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott had scrapped elected regional assemblies: "Yet lo and behold we have a decision given to an unelected body which has contracted private consultants to evaluate all proposed road schemes in the region and their recommendations have been accepted."

The normal process, they say, would have been for each county to have prioritised their own schemes. Had this been the case, Ormskirk's bypass would have gone ahead as Lancashire's second priority in its 10-year programme.......

Looks like the dead hand of secret agent, 'Melton Mobray' has been on the case here, I think..... Who exactly was it said that Regional Assemblies would deliver services more effectively to local communities?

Clue – He’s fat, he’s round, he’s thick as a brick and he’s crap.

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