Friday, February 24, 2006

The question of the day......

This letter in today’s Scotsman asks the fundamental question of our time….. Who supports Scotland?

Hmmmmm, that's a toughie – but I reckon the answer could be somewhere in this list... Is it -
a) The E.C.
b) The wee folk at the bottom of the garden.
c) Money raised from the hated ‘kilt tax.’
d) Contributions from the ‘Friends of Braveheart’ Society.
e) The mug punters from south of the border

Letter, Scotsman, 24/02/06……

Who supports Scotland?
Bill Jamieson (Between the Lines, 2 February) places the alarming economic growth figures that have been known or strongly suspected by producers for years, in the public domain. I hope the non-producers of Holyrood, local government, public services and other service industries take note.
A country must produce and export to survive. Scotland's production is in decline, yet half the working population draws income from the public purse, either directly or indirectly. Worse still, it would appear they want to draw more through above-inflation wage rises or the equivalent reduction in working hours and guaranteed pension rights that are and will be drawn a decade or more than those in the "production" sector, to name just two.

Yet, the "production" sector has to pick up the tab generally via stealth taxation and hidden-cost red tape, while it battles alone against surging globalisation pressures. Many small business members have had to reduce or even stop payment into their pension schemes in the past few years.
The public purse has been squandered through exercises in futility propelled by political dogma. Unless the "non-producers" accept their livelihood and future is firmly in the hands of successful and prosperous producers, Scotland, the United Kingdom and the European Union at large will be consigned to third-world status.
Just like global warming, it is time to start tackling the problem now and not pass the problem to our children.

Davy mate, nae bather.

Brown and Barnett are propping up the Scottish state nice and cushty. The mug punter trusting mushrooms from down south have long pockets stuffed full of cash, and short memories stuffed full of NuLabour propaganda.

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