Monday, July 16, 2007

Possible reasons for Gordon Brown disbanding the Regional Assemblies in England….

1) He’s realised they are undemocratic, unelected, non-representative gravy trains infested with no-talent local busy-bodies and freeloaders….

2) As a true democrat, and recognising the democratic deficit the English have suffered for years, Brown is preparing the way for the creation of an English Parliament with at least as much power as the Scottish model.

3) He needs to stick 3 million houses somewhere in England, like quick. A scenario so awful, the existing Regional Assemblies might deflect from their usual position of cravenly supine poddlery – and actually start to kick up a fuss……

Gordon Brown – dissent will not be tolerated….

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Tony said...

Your possibilities missed out the actual reason... with the Assemblies out of the way Brown will be able to centralise power over the local authorities even further.

Another step closer to armchair government. Another piece of spin where he does the opposite to what the announcement suggests.