Friday, July 06, 2007

Caroline Flint – Shameful hag of Gordon Brown’s constitutional manipulation…

Brassy cow Caroline Flint, the brand spanking new Regional Minister for Yorkshire & Humberside has yet to do her duty and go and see the flooding chaos in Doncaster, Sheffield and Hull. She's organised diddy-squat for the victims, who have been left wallowing in a slick of sewerage, mud and rancid water for days.

All a bit of a surprise really, seeing that all these unfortunate urban areas fall within her ‘regional remit’, You'd have thought that she would be fighting central government for extra cash and resources for all she was worth. The fact is she has done nothing. This first test of the new Regional Ministerial Matrix of England has, guess what, gone tits up as effectively as a sofa floating down the High Street.

The excuse that Flint has given for failing to do anything is that she had "previous diary engagements"….

Sorry Caroline, you hag of political expediency, your first duty is to your ‘region’ and by doing bugger all during the past week, you have shown up your new post to be as fraudulent as Gordon Brown’s supposed mandate in England.

The ‘Regional Ministers’ project is nothing more than an attempt by Gordon ‘no mandate’ Brown to emasculate England into meaningless hunks of no-power real estate. These manikins have no power, no money, no ideas. They are merely puppets of a malicious plan to carve us up. If there is one episode that illustrates how desperately England needs a First Minister - this is it.

Caroline Flint, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for a)Not attending the scenes of the flooding. bNot sending any of your quango fuelled minions to organise and rebuild. cAccepting a meaningless no-power job of political expediency from a man with no mandate. dnot thinking of a decent enough excuse for not going.

(I’d have used the old standby, "I’ve only been in the job for 5 days" – it worked for your Scottish boss!)


Toque said...

We need to get on at them about this.

Labour plans flood defence cuts as Britain flounders in the deluge (Note the understandable confusion between England and Britain by the Times)

MJW said...

I do hope the honourable ministers prior engagements were more important than people's lives being destroyed?