Thursday, July 26, 2007

Doctor Dave, MD.

That pompous lounge lizard, David Owen has just published a new book about George Dubbya and his poodle mate, Tony ‘doormat’ Blair….

As well as a pompous lounge lizard, Owen is also a GP of remarkable ordinariness – but nevertheless that hasn’t stopped him from feeling qualified to deliver a sort of virtual diagnosis on the ills of George and Tony.

No, Dubbya does not suffer from ‘thickaspigshititis’ and Tone is not a victim of ‘Jesus second-coming syndrome’ … Doctor David reckons that they are both victims of the ‘Hubris Syndrome’

As the publicity spiel tells us – ‘For many politicians, power seems to go to their head, and becomes a heady drug affecting every action they take. The Greeks called it hubris, where the hero wins glory, acclaim and success – but it is often followed by nemesis.

David Owen suggests George Bush and Tony Blair developed a Hubristic Syndrome while in power. He provides a powerful analysis, looking at their behaviour, beliefs and governing style, in particular the nature of their hubristic incompetence in handling the Iraq War. Both of them, and in her last year in office, Margaret Thatcher, developed many of the tell-tale and defining symptoms…..

Naw, I don’t think Tony Blair is suffering from Hubristic Syndrome at all – ‘Caligulan mad-bad and dangerously psychotic with narcissistic tendencies and in baldyness denial’ maybe….

Dr Dave, I reckon my diagnosis is more accurate than yours – and I know diddly squat about medical matters…


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Gavin Corder said...

I heard hi on Radio 5, I was gobsmacked!