Monday, July 23, 2007

Klondike 2007….

Today, Gordon Brown, England’s occupying First Minister without conscience will announce the boots and braces of his house building orgy for England. No mandate in England

Thanks to the revamped and simplified planning laws, objections to the building of mega housing estates by local people will not be tolerated. No Siree Bob. (Nor indeed will objections for the building of brand spanking new English nuclear power stations and other UK-sensitive nasties). Get your money into Blue Circle, like now!

Meanwhile Scotland and (increasingly) Wales will still retain their full planning rights – there to develop responsibly and organically for the benefit and well-being of their own citizens.Well, Gordon’s got to have somewhere nice to retire to, hasn’t he?

Thanks to the impending eradication of the faux-democratic Regional Assemblies, any objections from Tory councillors at a regional level will be null and void. Sorted.

Thanks to last year’s government sponsored Barker report describing the green belt as of ‘little environmental value’ and ‘ripe for development’, the multinationals of this world, the owners of most of the green belt have been rubbing their corporate hands with glee. (Shell and Coca-Cola included). I’d like to teach the world to build…..

Thanks to NuLabour, over 1 million existing houses throughout the UK remain unoccupied, derelict and festering. Predictable.

Thanks to Nu Labour and their obsession with University education, apprenticeship schemes in this country have collapsed. The nobility of skilled trades, bricklaying, carpentry etc has been devalued to the status of a McJob. In order to fulfil the building boom brief, we will have to bring in migrant workers from other parts of the EU. Unsustainable

We, the people of England are about to have over 3 million houses, plus all the accompanying infrastructure planted onto farm land and green belt. You just don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, do you? Concretia, here we come.

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