Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yozzer says gizza role....

According to ace CEP reporter, Gareth ‘Scoop' Young and his trusty scoopocam, Lib Demmer Simon Hughes has chucked his considerable cerebral bulk back into the ‘English Question’ farrago. The politician who once campaigned as ‘The Straight Choice’ in a Bermondsey by-election has had a few new ideas about the issue.

Scoop reports that Yozzer has gone a bit radical, a bit left field on English self determination - (again!).. Only a year ago he was a bit of a champion of the English – he even committed to an English Parliament…… and then Kennedy staggered off the stage - and in the fight for leadership all of Simes' constitutional envelope-pushing was consigned to the nether regions of the constituency office filing cabinet. Boring mainstreaming was Simon's tactic for success......

Of course, 'Simon the Statesman' got spanked, Ming won. Somebody who nobody had heard of came second - and Hughes came a poor last……. So now, Yozzer the Rad is back with more answers to the English Question.

In his piece, Scoop lists the major points of the Hughes agenda.. One in particular jumped out at me – and told me as much as I needed to know about the Hughes ability to do his sums…..

Apparently Simon says that the English public will decide they do not want an English parliament, but would prefer English MPs sitting one day in four on English domestic business.

Hmmmmm….. Sorry Simes, It doesn’t really match up with the stats does it? Westminster spends over 70% of its time debating English issues, how the hell will all that business be shoved into 20% of the weekly Westminster time allocation?…….

I know, I've got a great idea! How about this flagpole, envelope pushing, outta the box thought? How about if the English population actually decide they don’t want a crummy 20% of a disinterested debating chamber – but would rather have an English Parliament for England -debating English business around 100% of the time….

Simon mate, am I a genius or what?

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Scipio said...

An English parliament is an excellent idear!How about jeremy Clarkson to head it?