Monday, September 18, 2006

Little guy takes on JuggerTesco – and wins!!

The man who cannot be bought

Hats off to Mr William Chase from Tyrrells potato crisps – a small independent savoury snack producer catering to small, independent outlets throughout the country.

Tyrrells don’t do mega deals with control freak supermarket chains – and that includes Tesco. They only deal with farm shops, delicatessens and independent grocers shops – so that doesn’t include Tesco. Mr Chase is a passionate man, more concerned with the quality of his product than with being bullied, screwed down, then ruthlessly shafted by the hyena of the high street. In spite of this, Tesco asked if they could stock Tyrrells crisps, Mr Chase declined.

So imagine Mr Chase’s surprise when he found out that Tesco were actually selling Tyrells crisps in their out of town supermarkets. They had apparently got hold of them through a third party. Mr Chase told Tesco he did not want his product on their shelves and requested they desist from selling them.

He asked them several times – and true to form, Tesco ignored him several times. Patience exhausted, Mr Chase went to court. Today he got an injunction banning Tesco from selling his products in future – and ordering them to clear their shelves of any existing stock. Result!!!!!

Mr Chase, have you ever thought of going into politics?

Tesco free produce from Tyrrells

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