Tuesday, September 26, 2006

She's bloody mad.. (but not in a 'mad' way).

A statement from Cherie Booth QC, secretary of the 'Gordon for PM' movement.

“Look, I did not say Brown is a liar, I really didn’t, honestly, on my life, on Tony’s life, on my kids’ lives, I like Gordon, I really do, he's a great guy. We are next door neighbours for heavens sake, I borrow sugar from him, we chat about this and that over the garden fence…… and stuff.

For goodness sake, get off my case, can’t you all see I’m a working mother, it’s not easy you know, working 9 to 5 on wall to wall human rights cases, then rushing home to number 10 to make Tony and the kids’ tea. And then can I put my feet up? No I can’t, I have to go out for some damn rubbish function or other - and glad hand some tin-pot dictator from some God forsaken hole of an African backwater. It takes me an age to get ready – this face doesn’t look this good by itself you know…..

I’d have been bloody mad to actually say that Gordon was a liar – I have to ask you, do I look mad?

Well, do I?

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