Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Silver surfing…..

Apparently, a poll suggests that two thirds of the baby boomer generation have made no plans for their future care needs.

The report commissioned by Help the Aged only polled people from England and Northern Ireland – (no prizes for guessing why that should be then) , I decided to find out more. I logged onto the Help the Aged website – registered onto their forum and posted a reply to this posting from Denise…… Well, after reading it, I had to (and hopefully she now knows exactly which country gets the Barnett cash)….

Selling your home to pay for your care when you are elderly and incapable. I've read lots about this and I saw the Panorama TV programme with the legal precedents set but no-one is seems is able to enforce the law. It seems the ill are in hospital for a period of 3 months then they move them to a care home for which family homes are sold to cover the costs and if not a charge is placed over the home which amounts to the same thing. My mother in law has dementia, she is 86 years of age and no longer able to live alone, she wanders off and has reverted to her childhood days, she will not sit still and needs 1 on 1, 24 hour care. She has been in a psychiatric ward for the past 3 months and is very well cared for, but the hospital have now referred her to Social Services and they are looking for a home to place her in. She owns her own home and we know they will take this to fund the care. I would appreciate receiving anyone’s experiences. DENISE

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