Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bradley Wiggins - commits to the Tour of Britain.

Bradley with bike totty at the launch do

Olympic champ and ace English cyclist, Bradley Wiggins has categorically stated that he's going to compete in this year's Tour of Britain Bike Race.

Interviewed during the do to celebrate the launch of the Tour, Bradley spelt out exactly why he was donning his Spandex and his cycle clips.

Bradley said "This bike race is certainly important for an Englishman. As a sport, we haven't really shone as much as we have now and every year something else comes along - the Tour de France next year, the Olympics and it's never ending.".

Bradley, mate. As a proud Englishman, I think we could shine just a little bit more if we were allowed to compete in the Tour of Britain bike race as Team England. Unfortunately, the fascist bike nazis from British Cycling and the doormats from Sport England just won't let us have our own team.

To celebrate Bradley's 'Im English and proud' persona, he'll be cycling for either the 'Cofidis' or 'Great Britain' team.

Makes you proud to be English eh, Bradley? Oh, and Bradley, mate - until we get our own team in the race - it's not important, it's totally irrelevant (at least to this Englishman).

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