Sunday, August 06, 2006

Collect ‘road miles’ with Duggie

Duggie Alexander, the rising star Rajanista Transport Secretary has flexed his muscles. Doug has decided to roll out a road pricing "right across the country"…

Hmmmm, and there’s the conundrum. Does he mean ‘right across the UK’ or does he mean ‘right across England’?….

Although the ‘leaked’ letter waxes loftily about the national need for the scheme, I smell some classic NuLabour vagueness about. My guess is he means just across the nation of England – as transport is a bit of a devolved matter nowadays in the UK. Anyway, the Bill is due to be announced during the Queen’s speech in the Autumn…..

I smell trouble when the ever dependent claque of Scottish Labour MPs troop in to vote for the legislation – especially as north of the border, they may be operating a different system.

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