Monday, August 21, 2006

Liars….. all of them

Jesus Christ - is anyone out there who will champion the 50 million?

This morning I awoke to hear the news that those nazis at NICE have again been doing their mean minded best to kill off the population of England before our three score years and ten are up.

Two more drugs have joined the ‘sorry, these are not meant for you’ list of lifesaving medicines that people in England are now excluded from being prescribed. Avastin and Erbitux, cutting edge bowel cancer drugs – developed to combat the second biggest cancer killer in Britain are now off limits to 50 million people.

How do I know this when all of the reports I found on the web about the story told of a UK ban? Why, I logged onto the web site of ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’ charity. At first it didn’t look too hopeful. I had a look at their press release – this is what it says…

Statement from Hilary Whittaker, Chief Executive, Beating Bowel Cancer on the NICE Final Appraisal Determination on Avastin and Erbitux:

"The decision by NICE not to make these drugs routinely available on the NHS to appropriate patients is a scandal and we strongly urge NICE to reconsider its decision. We are now the only nation in the EU not to offer Avastin and Erbitux to bowel cancer patients in the disease’s advanced stages. Why should patients in the UK be worse off than patients in the rest of Europe?"

Interesting, but just below that press release was an earlier one entitled ‘Welsh patients first in UK to get access to bowel cancer drug on NHS’. I was a bit puzzled at the apparent expansion of the ability of NICE to say ‘no’ to the whole of the UK, and the apparent conflict of information between the 2 press releases - I rang the charity help line.

"Hello, re’ the story about the two bowel cancer drugs being banned, tell me, is it across the whole of the UK – or just England?"

"Oh, well they are available in Wales and Scotland – they are just not available in England"…..

I was gobsmacked. She admitted the information was wrong – and that she would tell Ms Whittaker of the ‘error’….

And that sort of sums it all up really. Even the supposed champions of the afflicted – in this case the ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’ charity roll over and spew the lies of Nu Labour as eagerly as any Blairite MP poodle.

I told them they should be absolutely ashamed of the lies – and by not actually taking the tack that everyone in the UK, no, forget that, everyone in Europe except the English were allowed these drugs they had condemned English people to an early death by neglect.

She never said anything. I’ll take that as a ‘yes’…

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