Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tony Blair – off his trolley.

It happens to them all doesn’t it? They go nuts, succumbing to the deadly Powermad virus. It starts as the ultimate aphrodisiac, with a nice smile and the wearing of the patented power-trousers. It ends with thinning hair, a joke of a wife, toadying to Texicans, speaking to God all the time - and uttering a barrage of utter bollox every single day.

Today’s insane sermon from Mount Blair is about the government taking charge of delinquent kids to stop them doing anti social things before they’ve even done them – in some cases before they have even been born!

Sounds like a bit of the old ‘people profiling’ of the most disadvantaged in our society going on here – but on an industrial scale…… "Now let me see, single Mum called Tracie living on a sink estate, got some tattoos, smokes Park Drive, has a boyfriend called Wayne, watches EastEnders, likes sovereign rings, kebabs and Kylie Minogue….and she’s up the duff with a little Waynette?"

OK, Super', according to our master profiling chart, by the time little Wayne reaches his 15th birthday he's going to be a right little twat...... apparently on the 23 July, 2020 he's going to chuck a brick through old Mrs Tomkins window..... Damage caused includes a really scared cat, ripped chintz curtains, a broken flower vase and the biggest thrill for old Mrs Tomkins since she met that bloke that looked like Steve Harley out of Cockney Rebel in 1978"....

"Blimey, Sarge, there ain't a moment to lose.... Quick, get the Sweeney round to the delivery room right away, this unborn kid needs taking into care!"

BBB (Big Brother Blair), you’re a complete moron. You’re mad, bad and dangerous for us to know you. For God’s sake, go. This is not policy, it’s something you’ve thought up last week while adjusting your trunks aboard the good ship Freebie. And it is shameful.

Tony, maybe your policies should be aimed at trying to fix the social melt down currently bubbling away on sink estates everywhere in the UK. Or perhaps you could find out why the UK has the highest single parent birth rate in Europe – then maybe you and your think tank buddies could devise proper policies to address it instead of chasing meaningless ‘legacy headlines’ to appease your comb-overed vanity.

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Birdman said...

Those who the Gods wish to destroy they first drive mad.