Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Even more health apartheid from 'NICE'....

OK, look all you English people - just be content with a couple of Asprin and a glass of water for cancer, heart disease, diabetes - and now blindness!

Oh yes, those nasty people at NICE are practising their very own brand of health apartheid on the English once more......... But in Scotland - a different story. They see things a lot more clearly thanks to the Barnett cash. The wonder drug 'Macugan' is available to all who need it. Their eyes are worth more than English ones, obviously (they must have better things to look at).

If you're English and going blind then make sure you make friends with a Scotsman. He can read the paper to you when your eyes finally pack up.

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Armchair said...

They also ALL get free eye examinations, where as the English only get them when they fit into certain categories, Scottish optometrists also get paid more (av £40) per NHS eye examination then an English optometrist (£18.39).