Monday, July 25, 2005

Prezza mad - shock

Don't you think it's spooky? 'Two people bent on destroying the environment. One fiddles on his musical instrument - the other just 'fiddles'.......You just never see Emperor Nero and John Prescott in the same room together do you?


The Sunday Times yesterday claimed that arch ‘Fat Controller’ - John ‘mad-pie’ Prescott is the man that has broken Britain….

The full-page article gave just a few examples of Prezza, the maestro of the science of ‘tit-uppery’ and his more bizarre Stalinistic meddling-mania.

They talked about Prezza’s planning policy. Jonny has got total and unfettered power to give the thumbs up or down on what actually gets built. That man is playing King Solomon – without the wisdom or the where with all to do it.

They talked about his big project to build ‘affordable’ houses on some land next to the River Thames. It’s part of his ‘Thames Gateway’ initiative. Unfortunately, Prezza and his clack of snivelling brown-nosers should have stayed with the original name for the land – ‘The Thames Floodplain’. He didn’t even consult with the local water authority about the problem. Insurance companies have also told him these houses would be uninsurable if built. I don’t know, maybe Prescott thought he was a latter day King Cnut – ordering the rising tide to go away and flood somewhere else… I can see the similarity, Prescott and Cnut, one and the same….

His disastrous ‘Pathfinder’ projects for us flat capped, clog wearing wooly backs "ooop North" is also going as pear shaped as the great man himself.

Honestly, reading the article was like scanning a Monty Python script, it was so weird - is this guy for real or what?….. It got me thinking - and inspired by the ‘Dead Parrot Sketch’ when Palin and Cleese are arguing about whether ‘Bolton’ was a palindrome or not…. "No it isn’t, my good man, ‘Bolton’ backwards is ‘Notlob’….

Anyway, inspired by this, I wondered just what the two words ‘John Prescott’ would make if read backwards…

Amazing, if you read Prescott's full name backwards it comes out as ‘Powermad Wanker’….

It’s a pity though; the article never mentioned the Regional Assemblies debacle, the denial of democracy to 85% of the UK population and the constant haemorrhaging of money from his department. But the biggest faux pas was that the Sunday Times couldn’t even get the facts right on the headline…… Surely it should have said ‘John Prescott, the man who has broken England….

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