Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Harry Potter and the question of nationality…..

Tony smiled a smile. You know, ‘smirky’ the way he does. He had, after all, just had the easiest PMQs of his entire Premiership and it was nearly end of term time at Westminsterwarts School for Ingrates and Idlers.

Slimy Mike, the school creep and Chubby Chaz, the off-licence obsesssive and serial donut scoffer, were pushovers – the hardest question he had to field so far was whether anyone could seriously get away with wearing a dark blue tie with chucky egg stains down the front. Why not guffawed Tony, Prezza does it all the time…..

Soon I’ll be on my freebee holidays – where I’ll save loads of quidd-ich thought Tony, just got to field this last question from Anne Begg, Labour MP for Aberdeen South – then I’m off!

Anne, the proudest of proud Scot that could ever be, (apart from Tony Blair behind closed doors) asked Tony if he had read the latest Harry Potter book ‘Harry Potter and the Licence to Print Money’ – ...."For Prime Minister, you'll be well aware that it is written of course by that fantastically brilliant Scottish author JK Rowling"……….

Tony smiled and revelled in the Scottishness of it all ....... before he suddenly remembered that he actually wasn't a very posh public school boy from Edinburgh at all, but was, in fact a snotty geordie kid from the wrong side of the tracks.... who just got 'lucky' cos he's a regular, decent kinda guy.

Sorry Raj people – you can’t claim JK as one of your own. I know she now lives in Edinburgh and that she occasionally buys the odd haggis – but face it, she ain’t Scottish. She’s one of ours.

A bit of a bummer for Tony, Gordon and Charlie Falconer, they like to associate themselves with all things successful – and if it’s all things ‘Scottish’ as well – then so much the better!!!!

For the sake of accuracy in Parliament (a rare thing indeed) and to stop Ms Begg uttering this untruth ever again, for the record I have gleaned this info from a JK web site.
Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born in Chipping Sodbury General Hospital in Chipping Sodbury, England on July 31, 1965. Her father, Peter, was an engineer and her mother, Anne, who was half-Irish and half-Scottish, was a homemaker who stayed at home to care for her and her younger sister Di, who arrived two years after J.K.
At the age of four, she and her family moved to Winterbourne, in the outskirts of Bristol. She enjoyed school very much and liked playing with neighborhood kids, one of which was named "Potter." She would never forget those kids and would eventually name the main character in her books after one of them.

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